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Auther: Bowling Weltmeisterschaft 2010 in M√ľnchen
Last update: 26.10.2020

Thank You / Danke

Streamforce4Bowling has done all the livestreaming during World Senior Championships. They have captured a great many of pictures, to be seen on their Facebook-page . We were allowed to use some of their photos (mentioned in the pictures) as well - thanks for the courtesy.more...

Official Results of World Senior Championships

Official Results of World Bowling for World Senior Championships publishedmore...

Lynda Barnes and Parker Bohn III Capture Masters Title

Team USA captures gold medals both in men and women. Lynda Barnes and Parker Bohn III are the current World Champions.more...

Medal Ceremonies for All Events and Team

Medal Ceremonies for All Events and Team were performed right after finals of team event.more...

USA Clinches the Double
Parker Bohn III, Bob Learn Jr., Lennie Boresch, Ron Mohr

Both women and men teams of the USA took the title and the gold medals. Canada and Mexico got silver.more...