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Medal Ceremonies Doubles Event
World Champions in Doubles

Medal ceremonies for doubles event was performed after 2nd block of men's team event. Ulf Sjöblom, Vicepresident of World Bowling and Tournament Director of WSrC and Kevin Dornberger, CEO of World Bowling presented the medals to the new champions and medalists.more...

Doubles Gold to Canada and USA
France Joubert, Jill Friis

France Joubert / Jill Friis from Canada won the gold medal while Parker Bohn III / Bob Learn Jr (USA) took the men's title.more...

Women Team USA in the Lead
Top 4 Teams: USA, Sweden, Canada, Australia

Team USA has a comfortable lead at half-time ahead of Sweden. Canada and Australia momentarily are in the medals round.more...

Top 4 Teams Mexico, USA, Belgium, Canada
Top 4 Teams: Mexico, USA, Canada, Belgium

Mexico leads the field just 4 pins ahead of USA, Belgium and Canada on 3 and 4 with just a small gap behind.more...

Women Doubles - USA 1 and 2 Meet Mexico And Canada
Lynda Barnes, Carolyn Dorin-Ballard

Both U.S. teams made the cut for the semis. They will take on Mexico and Canada. Lynda Barnes and Leanne Hulsenberg have a very comfortable lead in all events over Reija Lundén.more...

Both US-Teams, Australia and Canada in Doubles Medal Round
Squad A: USA, Australia, Netherlands, Mexcio

Both teams USA, Australia, and Canada advanced to the medal round. Ron Mohr is in pole position in all-events ahead of Marco Reviglio and Parker Bohn III.more...

Gold Medals to Team USA
Medalists Senior Singles Women

The new champions in Singles of World Senior Championsship belong to Team USA, Lynda Barnes and Ron Mohr won the gold medals.more...

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